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3 easy steps to create & publish your podcast on Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant.
Enter your feed, upload your cover art and submit for certification - we will handle the rest.
Our tested dialogues guarantee satisfied listeners and a really good listening experience.

About 100 million devices are sold and almost 200 million people are using smart speakers on a regular basis.
Consumption of audio content is the primary usecase for smart speakers. Tap into this huge listener base.

Alexa & Google Home


Intuitive interface

You don`t need to touch any code or know how to program. Our assisted onboarding helps you to get your podcast onto the smart speakers in a breeze.


No headaches, everything included

We cater for everything you need. From hosting to technical updates, usage statistics and monitoring of your RSS feed -
we got you covered.


One plan - all platforms

Deliver your assets once - we publish them everywhere. Currently on Amazon alexa and Google Assistant. But there are more platforms to come. Stay tuned for updates


Affordable plans for everyone

Our plans are designed to fit everybody. Start with the free plan and upgrade to a paid version. We love podcasts -
and strive to bring them to the world.

Our plans


Just want to test or having a podcast with a small audience - this is your plan.

$ 0 /month

  • Deliver your feed via RSS
  • Your Cover Art & Description
  • up to 250 listeners / month
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Earning a bit of money with your podcast and dipping your toe into serious podcasting.

$ 3.99 /month

  • Everything from Free
  • Basic listener statistics
  • technical updates
  • up to 2000 listeners / month
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Your audience is huge & and you are expanding it even further.

$ 19.99 /month

  • Everything from Starter
  • Advanced listener statistics
  • unlimited listeners
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The free plan includes a short Pre-Roll with a hint about
In our custom plans we provide features as playing your audio files in greetings & dialogues, specific commands and customized dialogues.
If you have any other ideas we would love to hear from you.

Concentrate on your show - not on programming

Smart Speaker are Go-To-Devices for listening to podcasts. Unfortunately we think that listening to podcasts on smart speakers is currently broken. Wouldn't it be great to just say "Alexa, play This American Life" and it just starts the current episode, remembers where you left off, skips episodes, remembers episodes you already heard and just works?

Unfortunately currently this is not working for all podcasts. You are depending on the recognition of the name of your show, the indexing of your show by Amazon or Google and then it usually plays just the current episode. No skipping, no continue-where-you-left, no nothing. This is not the experience we want for consuming podcasts - all podcasts. Thats why we created

All things mentioned before are possible if you create your own skill for Alexa or Google. But you should concentrate on your core interest - producing great shows and bringing entertainment, information and fun to your listeners. You should not start programming, fiddling with APIs, SDKs and deep-dive the pitfalls of voice app development.

We did that for you. So we provide a template for your podcast that handles all this. All you have to do is provide your feed, your cover art and press a button. We do the rest. We create the language model for your skill, we host the needed code, we submit your skill for certification, handle the communication with Amazon and Google and we do needed updates and further development.

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